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Empower Your Pelvic Floor: The Key to Overall Wellness

Discover the power of Kegel exercises: Just 5 minutes a day can enhance erectile function and ejaculation control. Backed by extensive research, including a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, where 82.5% of men regained control of their ejaculatory reflex.

Similar studies also highlight significant improvements in erectile function. Make Pelvipioneer exercises your go-to method for enhancing performance. Consistency and proper technique are key to seeing results.

Achieve Your Goals Faster With Custom Training Solutions

Stress Incontinence

Experience Freedom from Stress-Induced Leaks and Rebuild Confidence with Targeted Solutions.

Urge Incontinence

Take Charge of Urges and Strengthen Pelvic Floor Endurance for Lasting Control.

Mixed Incontinence

Combat a Range of Leaks Effectively and Restore Confidence with Comprehensive Support.


Reclaim Comfort and Confidence by Addressing Post-Pregnancy Leaks with Tailored Solutions.

Medical Marvels: Rave Reviews for Pelvipioneer!

Experience the excitement as doctors share their glowing endorsements of Pelvipioneer! Dive into firsthand testimonials praising Pelvipioneer as the ultimate solution for enjoyable and effective pelvic health improvement.

Dr Nita Landry, Board Certified OB/GYN

Pelvipioneer is about as fun as pelvic training can get. For anyone serious about improving their pelvic health in an enjoyable way, Pelvipioneer is my top recommendation.

Dr Sara Duvall from Core Exercise Solution

Pelvipioneer exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend the Pelvipioneer if you're looking for help and motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Dr Quozette Valera, Pelvic Floor Therapist

What a fun way to learn pelvic floor control!

Natural Changes Deserve Natural Relief

Discover Pelvipioneer, your non-invasive alternative to drugs or surgery. Utilizing biofeedback technology, it gently strengthens pelvic floor muscles, providing natural relief for your body's changes.


happy customers trust Pelvipioneer

Great experience, first time shopping on FB ads,If you frequently trainingyour legs with heavy squatsand deadlifts, this is a greattool to warm up your PC muscles before yourtraining. Or it could be agreat starting point forsomeone who recently starttheir exercise routine(props for you! keepgoing!). Built quality is verygood and can withhold theconstant moving withoutany tears & wears, l love it. lhighly recommend thismachine!

Mike S.

saw your tk ads when I was at work and placed an order.We bought one for the office, needless to say, working with a bunch of programmer we needed something like this.Most guys at work found it amazing, we put it in a dark room for more privacy, I think it has been used for more than 100 times, still look like new, easy to clean, in the summer with all the guys it can become a bit sweaty

Rachel M.

I Really like this product!!!, it gives you a workout & you don’t even know it. You just sit on it & squeeze & play the games!!!. I got prokegel because I wanted to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!. ITS FUN, SIMPLE, & EASY & IT WORKS!!!. I bought one for my GF as well!!!. If you get one & have any questions PLEASE don’t hesitate & contact Prokegel HELP TEAM!!!. They are EXTRAORDINARY!!!, 

John D.

I saw your FB ad when I was at work and placed an order.I'm glad I bought this. It is ingenious! I have been looking for answers and found this. I have used it for about 3 weeks and my scores are trending up. Workout customization is a cool feature. Score tracker and encouraging meassages are cool too.

Sarah L.

Works as advertised. Great tool .The Pelvipioneer trainer is a game-changer! It was delivered promptly, and I no longer need to rely on expensive medications for pelvic floor issues. It's a reliable and effective solution.I've tried other kegel trainers, but Pelvipioneer is the only one that has truly worked for me.

Emily G.


FDA-Cleared Devices: Experience FDA-cleared Pelvipioneer devices, delivering thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor contractions in each session.

Enhanced Biofeedback Technology: Achieve relief from prostate issues, strengthened pelvic muscles, and enhanced sexual pleasure after just one week of use.

Non-Invasive Solution: Embrace a surgery-free, drug-free solution with Pelvipioneer's innovative biofeedback technology.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility: Rest assured with our medical-grade materials and eco-friendly packaging, prioritizing safety and sustainability.

Quality Packaging: Our products come in portable, eco-friendly boxes for convenience and environmental consciousness.

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Precision Performance: Pelvipioneer Unleashed

Combat Muscle Fatigue

Say goodbye to pelvic floor muscle fatigue with our built-in over-training warning system.

Prevent Hypertonicity

Balance is key! Train relaxation alongside contraction during our sessions to prevent pelvic floor hypertonicity.

Train with Peace of Mind

Stay informed with our contraction quality indicator, alerting you to improper techniques that could exacerbate pelvic floor conditions.

Universal Comfort

Enjoy a life of comfort and ease, available for both men and women. Our products are tailored to provide a comfortable lifestyle for all.

Effortless Control

Experience convenience like never before with our intelligent remote control system, designed for easy and seamless use

Confidence in Exercise Safety

Rest assured, our products undergo stringent internationally recognized safety testing for your peace of mind.